Scarf Strap for Sash Bags - Dreams

Scarf Strap for Sash Bags - Dreams

$44.99 CAD $54.99 CAD


Our Sash Scarf Straps are the perfect addition to your beloved Sash Bag.  They have ends that snap onto the loops perfectly!  You can wash them to clean them up, and easily switch them out to use on all of your sash bags.  The strap can easily be spread out across your shoulder to disperse the weight of your bag and eliminate any pressure points.  

These straps are custom made to the length you need. Please include the length of the strap that you need in the Notes Section of your order at checkout.  Can find the Notes Section?  No problem, I will email or text you to follow up - it's all good!  

Fibre content: 100% Viscose, 100% leather ends