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Extra Tall Water Bottle Strap

Extra Tall Water Bottle Strap

$29.99 CAD


Tired of carrying your water bottle? Travel mug? Pop bottle? Want to still bring a drink, without having to carry it in your hand or constantly take it in and out of your bag?

Our Water Bottle Straps are HASSLE FREE liquid transport comfort. You can even take sips of your drink without taking it out of the strap too! 

This style is designed to fit the really tall bottles and travel mugs.  This strap has three bands that go around the bottle, whilst our traditional ones only have two bands.  This style will work with water bottles or travel mugs that are taller than 10.5" in height (typically these containers hold 1L of liquid).  The strap still has the stretchy wraps so your bottle can be wide, or narrow and work perfectly with the strap.

***Do not buy this style if your bottle is only 10" tall or less, the third band will get in the way of you being able to drink out of it when it is in the strap.***

Adjustable in length, so you can cross body or shoulder carry. Standard length fits kids up to 5'8" adults.  

Made in Canada.

Content: Polypropylene webbing, Elastic & Duraflex Buckles.