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Designer Purse Strap - Navy Renaissance

Designer Purse Strap - Navy Renaissance

$54.99 CAD


Our purse straps are the perfect strap to add some style and jazz to any bag, or purse.  They are a great replacement strap too!  Straps often get damaged or age way faster than the bag, and they can really make a bag look old when they start to crack.  Our purse/bag straps will breathe new life and style into your fave carry all.

Our straps are made using Cotton Webbing.  WHY? Cotton webbing breathes, so it does not feel clammy against your skin.  It is also "grippy" naturally, so these straps won't slide off your shoulder and significantly reduces slipping and spinning of your bags when you lean over.  Then overplayed on the cotton webbing is ur fabulous, vibrant 100% polyester jacquard ribbon.  The ribbon will retain it's vibrant colour as the pattern is woven in the ribbon, they are NOT printed patterns.  You never need to worry about fading or rubbed off sections.

The ends on these straps are the best part.  They are 100% leather ends with two heavy duty snaps which means that you can REMOVE the hook and attach the strap directly to your purse/bag IF your bag has 1.5" loops or a large ring where the purse straps connects.  For the little purse/bag eye loops you can re-attach the hooks and clip on.  Both nickel plated and burnished brass hooks are included with each strap. 

Last but not least, these straps come in SIZES!!!    Every person and every bod needs a different length of strap.  That cannot be achieved with a one size fits all length strap.  Even when they adjust, one size fits all straps are either too short or too long depending on your needs.  SO....to combat this challenge, we make our purse straps in Small, Medium and Large.  It doesn't matter if you are petite, tall or fluffy, we have a strap that will fit for you.  

Small adjusts - 18" to 28" (add 4" with the hooks attached)

Medium adjusts - 24" to 40" (add 4" with the hooks attached)

Large adjusts - 32" to 55" (add 4" with the hooks attached)

Made in Canada

Contents: Polyester jacquard Ribbon, cotton webbing, leather and metal hardware.