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Camera Harness Chest Strap

Camera Harness Chest Strap

$12.99 CAD

Are you using a lens longer than 6”? Do you like to bike, horseback ride, rock climb, scrambles or ATV?  Are you in a wheelchair and need to get your lens and camera up and out of the way so you can properly wheel?

The Camera Harness Chest Strap allows you to flip your lens up and secure it close to your body. When you are adventuring with your camera it prevents the end of your lens from getting knocked around and it keeps all the weight central to your core. Depending on the length of your lens you may need to have your camera in the camera harness extenders to prevent getting knocked in the chin.  

Also works perfectly with short/regular lenses for those that are cycling, riding or climbing to keep your camera snug and secure.  And Binoculars too!

The Chest Strap can also be used with the Dual Harness for added security and comfort.