1.5" Straps for Sash Bags - Irish Luck

1.5" Straps for Sash Bags - Irish Luck

$44.99 CAD $54.99 CAD

These Sash Bag Straps have had a complete design overhaul.  The new strap is 100% vegan (no leather) and it is fully adjustable from 18" to 41.5".  The best part is the decorative portion goes edge to edge on the Sash Bag loops, so you don't have any break in style - the strap flows seamlessly to the bag.

Each strap comes in two sections: the main strap and an extension piece.  You can use the main strap with or without the extension piece to adjust the length to fit you perfectly. There are so many length possibilities, you will easily be able to adjust to your perfect length.  

They are made with Cotton Webbing because cotton webbing breathes, so it does not feel clammy against your skin.  It is also "grippy" naturally, so these straps won't slide off your shoulder and significantly reduces slipping and spinning of your bags when you lean over.  Then we add our fabulous, vibrant and 100% polyester woven jacquard ribbon to the cotton webbing.  The ribbon is a woven pattern, not printed on so you never need to worry about fading or rubbed off sections.

These straps really are the perfect accessory to add some style and jazz to your Sash Bag.

Made in Canada

Contents: Polyester jacquard ribbon and cotton webbing.